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  • Fort Myers Educational Article of the Month - Pigeon Prevention Tips

Pigeon Prevention Tips

While pigeons may come from the same family as doves, they are clearly not the same animals. Maybe they have an incredible sense that allows them to take messages across enemy lines to reveal battle plans, but that same mechanism brings them back to the same places where they make an absolute mess. Pigeons are vile creatures that leave waste and carry disease throughout Fort Myers.

There are actually some very serious diseases that are carried by pigeons in Florida. Most of them affect the respiratory system, but there are other health problems that can be caused by pigeons. They also carry a bacterium that is found in their waste and feathers, and if a lot of them are around, they can create a real problem for you and your family.

Many seek to keep pigeons away but that can be a real challenge. These are birds of habit that migrate and congregate in large numbers, so getting rid of them is not an easy undertaking at all, however, it can be done. If you are looking for some ways to get rid of these flying rats, here are a few tips to make that happen.

If they are landing on your Fort Myers roof, shed, or deck, consider using some anti-roosting spikes. These are purchased as long strips that have little spikes sticking out of them. They make it impossible for the pigeons to land on without getting injured, and so they will fly away. Be aware that some may bomb your home with some of their droppings as a show of contempt at your actions, but that is better than hundreds of them doing it on a daily basis as they roost around your property.

There are also sticky chemicals you can buy that make it uncomfortable for them to land. The chemical is placed on the surface and you simply let it do the work for you. The Florida pigeons will land, find it difficult to move around and eventually leave. You should be aware that this will probably trap many bugs in it, which could attract other Florida birds looking for an easy snack.

A clever idea that you can use that is sure to annoy the pigeons is to tie strings between objects on your roof that is loose enough to swing some. The pigeons land and when the strings are moved by the force of the wind they swing into the pigeons who are irritated by the action and fly away. This is a very low cost way to get them to leave your Fort Myers property. Make sure the string is weatherproof.

Some people resort to such things as spices to get the pigeons to leave. Pigeons don’t like many of the spices that human beings enjoy so thoroughly, so they can be a great option. Cayenne pepper, regular pepper and cinnamon are three of the best to use. Use these in large amounts in areas where the pigeons are known to roost, and add more after storms.

If pigeons are congregating in your Fort Myers yard then consider using a dog as a means to get rid of them. Most pigeons are comfortable around people and will walk among them like we are just part of the flock. Dogs are different. They see pigeons as a new toy to chase and this can be an effective means to get them to fly away. Be careful with your dog to ensure it does not get sick from the waste and feathers of the pigeons.

If pigeons are getting into your attic or other part of your Florida home, then you need to make sure that you close and seal any gaps or holes that may exist in your home or shed. Be sure to rid your home of the pigeons first, which can be done by leaving one escape hatch open, then creating a loud enough ruckus in the attic to scare them out. Then seal the hole with steel mesh added in.

You also want to eliminate sources of food that the pigeons may enjoy. If you have a bird feeder you may need to take it down for a time. If you have a dog or cat dish outside you may need to bring that in for a while. Also if you have fruit or nut trees you may need to clean them of their fruits so that the pigeons have nothing to eat. This should help you in your fight.

If you want to wage all out water, then prepare yourself for battle. One of the best ways to rid yourself of pigeons is to make your property as uninviting to them as possible. A low tech way that has great success is to simply spray them with the garden hose. This should sufficiently annoy them enough to make them go away. A little water may be just what the doctor ordered.

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