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  • Fort Myers Educational Article of the Month - Mole Repellent

Mole Repellent

Many people will try to tell you that mole repellants are the way to go to rid yourself of these beasts from your Fort Myers property. Many may hear the idea and think that it is absolutely ridiculous. Mole repellant sounds like the new snake oil salesman pitch. How is a surface repellant going to keep a burrowing animal that travels to most places through tunnels going to work? Preposterous. It does sound that way. It seems totally illogical to think that a repellant like this can work on a burrowing animal, but if used correctly it can do the job.

There are commercial repellants you can buy to help. Liquid fence is one of the most commonly deployed brands in Florida. This is a liquid treatment that is known to coat the very things that moles crave most – earthworms and roots. The liquid travels through the soil and coats the earthworm and tender roots, so that they do not have the same smell nor taste. The mole ignores the food and is soon needing to be moving on to find other sources of food.

The benefit of this option is that nothing is actually hurt by this. The earthworms are not poisoned or injured in anyway, which is true of the roots as well. They simply have a coating over them which makes them unappetizing to the mole. This makes the mole move on to find other sources of food. This is such a great option because a 1 gallon bottle can be purchased for about $70. It can cover a one-acre property with this amount of the liquid sprayed through a garden hose. If you don’t want to go and buy some commercial brand, there are options out there that you can make yourself that can do the trick. If you want to go the homemade route, here is a great option.

Castor oil has been found to be one of the best repellants of moles. You will want to take about a cup of castor oil and add it to a ½ cup of dish washing soap. Shake the mixture until it is bubbly. Add this to about a gallon of hot water and then add a few additional drops of the castor oil for good measure. Mix thoroughly.

So far all it sounds like is you have a mess. Now what you want to do is go to where there are mole holes and close them with dirt. Most often you would say that putting dirt in front of that is as effective as putting a piece of paper. After all, these are animals that spend their time digging through 15 feet of Florida soil an hour. This is where your mixture comes into play. Pour a generous amount over the dirt mound and then push it in by stepping on the mound and patting it down. The Florida mole is not going to dig through that dirt because it covered in the mixture and it hates the castor oil. This will keep it from reusing these tunnels.

If you are really feeling like you want to try to make this more of a deterrent, make a few gallons of the mixture. Before you close off the tunnel, pour about a gallon into the tunnel slowly so that it has a chance to ooze as far into the channels as possible. Then close the entrances and add the mixture to the mound. This should make it so that the mole does not even want to be in that tunnel area, thus forcing him or her further away from your Fort Myers property.

The next thing you want to do is to sprinkle the mixture in areas where you know the mole is known to forage for food. Gardens, trash areas, compost piles, and other areas like this are the perfect place to pour this solution. The mole will find that its normal sources of food are contaminated by the mixture and will avoid these spots. It is only natural. What makes this mixture so effective is that it not only deters the Florida mole, but is not harmful to humans at all. Castor oil may not taste particularly good but it isn’t harmful to humans or other forms of life in Fort Myers. Dish soaps are often biodegradable these days so they will not create any issue with the Fort Myers environment.

Now keep in mind that this mixture is not going to remain effective with one simple pouring. Rain and soil integration will eventually make the mixture disappear. This means you need to pour this onto the mounds at least once a day for a week to make sure that you have told the mole in no uncertain terms to go away. You also want to make sure you do this with the foraging areas as well.

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