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Scratching Sounds In the Attic or Walls

All Florida houses make odd and unusual sounds at times. As the home continues to settle it may have a creak or groan here or there that can make you a little nervous at times. This is just natural. However, there are some sounds that are not natural and they can ruin the pleasure and serenity you find in your home. Those sounds come from animals living in your attic or walls.

The reality is that the same reasons that make you love living in your Fort Myers home are the very same things that attract a bat, bird, squirrel, rat, mouse, raccoon or chipmunk. They also love the spacious living your home provides and once they have found a wall or attic space to themselves, they become very unwelcome guests. They truly become the thing that wouldn’t leave.

You may wonder if there is a little critter living in your home, and the truth is that there are certain sounds that all of them make that lets you know you have an unexpected house guest. Here are a few things you can pay attention to that will give you a clear sign that you are truly not alone.

Bats – they may be mammals, but no one likes bats. They are ugly looking little flying creatures that make everyone scream with terror whenever they are around. There are times when a bat will enter into your Florida home and is unable or unwilling to get out. These creatures usually enter through small holes in the side of your Florida home, and once there they can be a real handful to try to get out. Bats do somethings that let you know that they are in your home. The most common of these is that they emit a rather high-pitched squeaking noise. It is the kind of noise that will make your stomach crawl, so there is no missing out on when you hear it. If they are trapped in the walls you can count on them making a scratching noise as well. Because of their poor eyesight these creatures are quite unhappy when they are trapped. If so they will let you know.

An additional word about bats. If one is in your walls you can be fairly sure that there will be no more than one or two others with it. However, if you can tell that there is one in your attic, you may find that a whole colony is living there. Bats are quite colonial, and if one moves in many more will soon follow.

Rats and Mice – rats and mice are most likely to make noise at night. These animals love to look for food when everyone is asleep, so if you hear a lot of scratching and maybe even some very little screeching noises you may have rats or mice.

Birds – birds trapped in people’s homes is a very common occurrence. They are looking for a place to build a nest and lay eggs, and you home is the perfect location. Florida Birds will flap their wings a lot, especially in more enclosed places, like a wall. You will also generally hear them chirping a lot. If you hear a lot of chirping their eggs may have already hatched so watch out.

Squirrels and Raccoons – two of the most common household guests that home owners will find are raccoons and squirrels. They love to enter into your attic and build a home there. Very rarely, if ever, will you find these beasts in your walls. It is in the attic that you will most likely find their presence.

While the home making area may be the same, the behavior of the two is quite different. Raccoons like to be awake at night, so if you have one in your Fort Myers home you can be sure that it will be making a raucous while you are trying to sleep. They will spend most of the night scurrying back and forth, and love to scratch on drywall. During the day they will sleep in a nice cozy bed of your home’s insulation.

Squirrels, in contrast, like to be awake in the day time more often. They will make much more of a raucous when it is light out. What distinguishes them most is that squirrels do not run; they jump from place to place. You will hear them the most when they are trying to leave your Fort Myers home to head out to search for food. The noise will be quite clear to you as their pace and speed will increase drastically.

If you hear any of these kinds of sounds, do not be a hero. Call the country animal control and ask them what they recommend you do about removing these beasts. In some cases, especially with bats, they will likely assist you in getting rid of them.

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